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About me

Beppe Casales has been working as a professional actor for 16 years. He was initially trained in a contemporary acting company, until he started working with the Teatri Uniti company of Toni Servillo, one of the most prominent Italian actors and directors.

Since 2001 his artistic research has been focused on the “narrative theatre”, writing and interpreting theatrical monologues with a social dimension. In his constant research of original language, he has put on show “Salud” (on the civil war in Spain), “La spremuta – the squeeze” (selected for the Torino Fringe Festival, obtaining an exceptional success both by the critics and by the public), "Welcome" (the show has the recognition of Amnesty International Italia), "Nazieuropa" (the show wins the "Theatrical Mass 2019" prize in Milan, and "Cara professoressa". The monologues have been put on show across Italy, with over 300 performances.

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